How to raise lemon

How to raise lemon

Do not throw out lemon kernels! Put better, and in 2 – 3 weeks there will already be shoots from which you in house conditions will be able to grow up the fructifying trees. The main thing is to put pot on window (it is possible even on northern) and, whenever possible, to impart young tree.

  • - shank,
  • - pots,
  • - growth factor of roots,
  • - sand,
  • - film or bank,
  • - spray,
  • - container with water for air moistening,
  • - dung water,
  • - sawdust,
  • - ashes,
  • - mineral fertilizing,
  • - polyfoam or thermal insulation material.

1. Fruits from the plant which has appeared from sunflower seed it is possible to wait for 8 - 30 years! It long therefore most often to krone of one-year-old tree impart kidney or shank from the lemon which has already begun to fructify. In this case on the second – the third year the lemon blossoms. Having left one ovary on 10 – 15 mature leaves, it is possible to hope for emergence of fruits.

2. However, it is possible to buy and put shank at once. It is desirable that the age of shank with 3 – 4 leaflets was not less than a year. The shank should be processed growth factor of roots, to place in clean bank sand, to water and for several days to cover with polyethylene film or can.

3. The tree practically should not be replaced. Flower growers are convinced that two pots will be enough for lemon for the rest of life. At first the plant is placed in the capacity with a diameter of 20 - 25 cm and when this capacity to it becomes "small", pass in another - with a diameter of 40 - 45 cm.

4. The lemon has to grow in the light place. However at the same time on tree direct sunshine should not get. It is the best of all to place plant on windowsill. The lemon needs to be watered in process of drying of the soil. During heat it is worth spraying plant and also to put near it vessel with water for air moistening.

5. It is the best of all to hold lemon under the open sky in the summer, and to put under capacity bottom with plant polyfoam in the winter or to wind it with thermal insulation material.

6. Lemon it is worth feeding up in the spring that the tree which is actively growing during this period has saved up nutrients for future fructification. As fertilizer it is possible to use dung water, sawdust and ashes and also mineral fertilizing as a part of which there is nitrogen. It is possible to add couple of grams of zinc or copper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team