How to reap potatoes crop for two weeks earlier: cunning of our ancestors

How to reap potatoes crop for two weeks earlier: cunning of our ancestors

Many gardeners want to accelerate terms of gathering potatoes. For this purpose try to put root crop as soon as possible. Only it is mistake, potatoes for development need certain temperature both air, and the soil. The nature it is difficult to deceive, but our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers managed it thanks to sharpness and bean.

Main secret

Our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers did not use any fertilizers. In Soviet period they were complex to be got. Fertilized the site under potato egg shell and ashes from the oven.

The secret of early harvesting of potatoes is in fasolinka! When landing in each hole it is necessary to place 1-3 fasolina. As an alternative it is possible to use peas. In principle, any bean will approach. But nevertheless it is better to stop on haricot as it grows ripe longer.  

Previously bean should be wetted at least for the night. Ideally – for day. So they will quicker sprout.  

In what counter? For fast development nutrients are required for root crops. They come to the soil thanks to application of fertilizers. But while it has been already told, they were in deficiency. And our ancestors used fasolinka. Sprouting and developing, bean enrich the soil with nitrogen. It is known that it is necessary for growth for plants. 

Nitrogen accelerates also development of tubers of potatoes. Everything is simple. Any magic, knowledge of agrotechnology is simple. By the way, resorted to this cunning also in many Soviet collective farms. Experienced gardeners say that they bean not only positively influence harvest, but also frighten off Colorado beetle and the wireworm. So it is worth trying at least for the sake of it.  

If you already have managed to plant potatoes, and the experiment with haricot wants to be made strongly, do not despair. Seed haricot in row-spacings.

Many gardeners are afraid that haricot in the course of growth will muffle potatoes. It will not occur if you if necessary direct in time escapes of haricot aside. It is better to put pegs on the ends of beds, to pull rope and to direct escapes bean up. In this case plants will definitely not compete with each other.  

What grades of potatoes react to this cunning

Bean accelerate ripening of tubers of any grades, including early ripening. So, when landing srednepozdny grades in the middle of May the crop can be reaped by second decade of July. Safely experiment, bean will definitely not do harm to potatoes.  

Not only quickly, but also it is tasty

Here so the simple fasolinka thrown into hole not only accelerates harvesting for the whole two weeks, but also does potatoes larger and gentle to taste. Root crops turn out about 1.5 times more than normal.

Of course, the fasolinka will not hill and will not process from wreckers for you potatoes. It is all the same it is necessary to do. After landing in such unusual way traditional care for potatoes is not cancelled.

Try to make experiment: put part of potatoes without fasolinka and part with it. And then compare results. With high probability you will be surprised.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team