How to receive good harvest of carrots

How to receive good harvest of carrots

Undoubtedly, carrots are very useful and besides tasty vegetable. It is impossible to provide modern cookery without carrot, this fruit is known almost around the world and is used as in the raw, and after heat treatment. And gardeners appreciate this plant unpretentiousness and frost resistance.

Nevertheless and this vegetable has secrets of cultivation. To receive good harvest with big, juicy and equal fruits, carrot needs the correct leaving.

First of all it is necessary to choose seeds. Old seeds have to have them fresh, bad viability. It is the best of all if the term of their storage did not exceed 2 years. Also it is worth deciding on grade. The early ripening grade is usually grown up for food throughout the same summer-fall. And here that carrots were well stored in the winter, it is necessary to take average and late grades.

Tushon, ""Lagoon"", Alenka treat the best early and vitamin grades. Have well proved ""Darling"" and ""Caramel"". For long storage seeds with high lezhkost - ""Vitamin"", Shantana, ""Nantes"" and Losinoostrovskaya are good. For winter storage it is necessary to land such grades as ""The queen of fall"", ""Vita longa"".

Rules of crops of carrots

It is necessary to sow carrots on well lit place, it does not transfer shadow. You should not land it several years in a row on the same site of kitchen garden. The good harvest will be after such predecessors as potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers or peas.

We prepare seeds

Preparation of seeds for crops business simple. It is worth filling in only them with water and to allow to infuse. It becomes for the fact that as much as possible to reduce time from crops to the first descents. Soaking can be both cold, and warm water. Important point – during soaking it is easy to check seeds for viability. All those sunflower seeds which will emerge can be thrown out safely. That crops were uniform it is possible to paste seeds on thin plate of paper at distance of 2 cm from each other. Glue easily is made of starch. The main thing, it is impossible to sow dry seeds to the dry earth. If sunflower seeds were not retted in advance, then it is necessary to water well bed, to fertilize humus and to dig over. It is possible to sow only to well heated-up earth, having made sure that carrots are not threatened by frosts.

Care for carrots

After there are shoots, it is necessary to begin scarification and thinning. The earlier, the better. It is necessary to leave carrots in bed so that between plants there was distance from 6 to 8 centimeters. The more free space, the carrot will be better and larger.

How to preserve carrots from wreckers

This plant has also wreckers. The most terrible is the carrot fly which larvae gnaw through the courses in vegetables and by that spoil harvest. But it is easy to save root crops – to make the mixed landings of carrots with onions enough. Such type of crops will be able to save from insects both onions, and carrots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team