How to receive good harvest of strawberry

How to receive good harvest of strawberry

In the sphere of amateur gardening popular belief that it is possible to receive good harvest of strawberry (garden wild strawberry) only in the presence of elite grades of this plant and at favorable weather patterns. Partly this statement is right, however some agrotechnical receptions used in care for strawberry allow to provide high productivity of this berry even in regions with severe climate.

The experienced gardeners seeking to receive good harvest of strawberry during the whole summer well know that the best result in achievement of this purpose is yielded by carefully thought over selection of grades. Plants on the characteristics have to correspond as much as possible to weather conditions of the region of growth and be selected so that there was smooth alternation of the periods of fructification. It is for this purpose recommended to take away separate beds for early ripening, average and late grades.

Bushes of strawberry of the first year of life

When landing young plants you should not count on receiving harvest in the current season. In spite of the fact that strong bushes are capable to blossoming and fructification in the first year of life, it is necessary to hold off and give with it to plant well to develop root system – it will provide to strawberry high-quality preparation for winter and protection against destruction by frost. For this reason at all yearlings it is necessary to delete peduncles and to direct plant forces to its growth and development.

If young strawberry badly takes root and long is ill, then it can be sign of low-quality preparation of the soil. It is necessary to take care of preparation of beds even in the fall: the earth is well dug over, carefully choose weeds, bring fresh manure and from above covered with fir-tree fir twigs layer approximately in 10 cm. By spring, manure usually pereprevat and enriches the soil with nutrients. For achievement of the best result it is recommended to add small amount of wood ashes to each landing hole.

Care for strawberry

In spite of the fact that the garden wild strawberry is able to resist well to weed plants, you should not neglect weeding nevertheless – removal of weeds from bed promotes receiving especially large and juicy berries. Along with weeding also cutting of the old, changed usual coloring leaves will be not superfluous that promotes rejuvenation of bush.

Special attention should be paid to watering of strawberry since beds with plants pretty fast dry up in the open sun that has an adverse effect on quality of harvest. Watering is usually made every three days, and at drought – daily. Deduction of moisture in the soil and simultaneous protection of garden wild strawberry against various wreckers and diseases is promoted by application of mulch. As the mulching material straw, sawdust, needles or mowed grass can be used.

As good means for scaring away of insects wreckers the disembarkation can serve in intervals between beds with strawberry of such flowers as marigold or calendula – they not only protect harvest, but also serve as decoration of garden. On small sites where on the account each meter, gardeners prefer to plant garlic which smell frightens off many garden wreckers in row-spacing.

Fertilizing of strawberry

Use of quality fertilizers on carefully thought over scheme of fertilizing – indispensable condition of receiving good harvest of strawberry. The first fertilizing is recommended to be carried out before blossoming: in this case has well proved infusion of chicken dung.

For preparation of fertilizer dissolve 500-600 g of dung in 10 l of water and insist within week – if not to make it, then it is possible to burn with fresh solution roots of plants. Before watering infusion is recommended be not to used in the concentrated look, and to dilute half with water.

During forming and growth of berries the second fertilizing by nutrients is necessary. Collected in advance grain crusts well are suitable for these purposes. About 2 kg of rye crackers fill in with small amount of water and insist under oppression within week. After emergence of the first signs of fermentation, infusion is diluted with water and used for watering of strawberry.

For the same purposes it is possible to use also fresh nettle: the armful of this plant is scissored garden or cut with shovel bayonet, filled in with water and insisted several days. Such fertilizing is considered universal, and can be applied as fertilizer not only to strawberry, but also to other garden plants.

Reproduction and change of strawberry

The traditional scheme of reproduction of strawberry comes down to waiting of the period when at plant the fructification comes to an end. The gardeners practicing this method before approach of fall cut off well taken roots sockets at the strongest bushes and transferred them to other beds. Lack of this method is that bushes of strawberry are quickly exhausted, berries become small and dry, and seedling turns out weakened because the main part of nutrients has been spent by plant for forming and maturing of fruits.

For the correct reproduction of strawberry it is necessary to select strong uterine bushes first of all. The young plants which have yielded the richest harvest of berries will be ideal for this purpose and it is the is best of all the weather adversities which have transferred everything. Such bushes otsazhivat on separate bed and in the next season subject to removal of buds not to allow blossoming and fructification.

This measure will promote that strawberry will begin to give set of mustache from which it is necessary to leave only the strongest and healthy. Very conveniently for further disembarkation to use plastic cups from under yogurts: under each socket with rudiments of backs located near uterine bush substitute capacity with the earth and leave for rooting till August. In two weeks prior to change on the constant place the mustache which connect the socket to maternal bush cut and allow plant to get used to power supply at the expense of own root system.

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