How to receive strawberry harvest

How to receive strawberry harvest

Large, sweet, fragrant strawberry — not only tasty treat, but also remarkable herb. Berries have antioxidant properties, normalize oxidation-reduction reactions, render diuretic and antihyperglycemic effect. Growing up strawberry in due form, it is quite possible to receive rich harvest of this wonderful berry.

It is required to you

  • - healthy saplings of strawberry of different grades;
  • - garden tools;
  • - fertilizers;
  • - compost and manure.


1. Pick up strawberry grades. Consider not only exterior and tastes of berries of any given grade, but also the fructification period (early, average, late and remontanny grades), resistance to diseases and adverse weather conditions. Having picked up several grades, suitable for your region, you will be able to provide the family with strawberry during all warm period.

2. Choosing qualitative saplings, pay attention to the following signs. Leaves have to be brilliant, saturated green color, without any points and smorshchennost. The horn has to be quite thick. The it is thicker, the harvest from this plant will be higher. At saplings with opening root system check backs, they have to be not less than 7 cm in length. If you buy plant with the closed root system, take out it from capacity, holding for scapes. Roots have to braid all volume of pot completely.

3. Pave the way for landing of plants in advance. If in it there are larvae of may-bugs or the wireworm, seed lupine (siderat) when the plant has green beans, mow it and dig over the soil together with green material. It will be necessary to make it in the fall.

4. Just before landing of strawberry remove all weeds, introduce fertilizer and dig up the site. As fertilizer use compost or manure, superfostfat, potash salts. The type of fertilizer depends on soil type on your site.

5. Make holes at distance of 30-50 cm from each other. In the middle of each of them fill small hillock. Stir up roots of plant, straighten. Place it on hillock and distribute backs evenly. Fill up hole with fertile substrate. Do not fill up the core of strawberry with the soil and do not leave too highly over surface. Water saplings.

6. The greatest harvest of plant is yielded for the second and third year after landing therefore they need to be updated periodically. During fructification note bushes with the most attractive berries and good fructification. Do not cut off mustache from these bushes. After fructification cut off foliage.

7. The first socket to prikopayta. After it well develops, replace young plants to new bed. Thus, you receive qualitative and free planting stock, update and you will increase the number of landings. That landings did not become thickened, cut off all unnecessary mustache. Otherwise, berries will become more small that will affect harvest size.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team