How to receive the counter

How to receive the counter

Now in many cities and settlements the free replacement of electric meters by more modern and advanced models is made. They are established in places of continuous access for the checking organization and forces of the most power supplying company.

It is required to you

  • - statement
  • - passport
  • - last receipt on payment
  • - subscriber number
  • - new contract


1. Replacement of counters is made by that at whom they have become outdated and demand additional check and subjects who has no metering devices.

2. To receive free installation of the new counter of modern model, file petition to the power supplying company. If you have no time, then there it is possible just to call - phone is specified on your contract on electrical supply.

3. Living in the apartment it is necessary to address in ZhEU or representatives on whose balance there is your house.

4. To you will appoint day and hour in which the counter will be installed.

5. Houses have to be present adult family members and have the passport, the contract on delivery, the receipt on payment for the consumed electric power and number of the subscriber account.

6. The counter has to be installed in zone of continuous access of controllers from the power supplying company therefore in advance provide where to install you the metering device.

7. The device in special protective box from which the subscriber and the supplier has keys is installed. All modern models of electric meters are connected to distant control.

8. Counters are installed modern models with possibility of use of several tariffs. If on the old device you paid on one tariff, and have decided to use two or several, then after installation address to subscriber department for renewal of the contract, with the indication of the tariff chosen by you.

9. After installation of the counter to you will draw up the statement of input of the device in operation and will seal it.

10. Any payment at this replacement and installation to make it is not provided.

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