How to receive the seeds from cucumbers

How to receive the seeds from cucumbers

The cucumber is from India. Once it was the tropical liana twisting fences and walls of houses. Now the cucumber costs among the main vegetables on our beds. Counters of the shops trading in seeds dazzle with bags of various grades of cucumbers. And how to receive the seeds from cucumbers? At the time of our grandmothers all seeds have been collected since the harvest.


1. There is no secret in it any. On the country site it is possible to collect quite good seeds of different grades of cucumbers for future landing. But there is one important rule: it is possible to collect seeds only from not hybrid grade of cucumbers. If on bag of seeds the name of grade is faced by letter F1 - it is hybrid. Whatever hybrid fruits were tasty – you do not receive harvest from their seeds.

2. For receiving seeds you need to grow up seed cucumber or several cucumbers of different grades on the bed. For this purpose choose healthy, equal fruits, without specks and outgrowths. In order to avoid rotting of seed cucumber on bed it is possible to enclose under it small plate, thereby having isolated it from contact with the earth.

3. When the testicle reaches biological maturity, will become yellowy-brown, and the fruit stem will dry up - it needs to be broken. Then to cut cucumber lengthways on two parts and to accurately take out from it seeds by means of small spoon. To put seeds in glass or china and to fill in with water that not ripened and empty seeds have emerged. After that water it is necessary to drain and dry up the remained good seeds in the sun (windowsill), having spread out them on the sheet of paper or towel.

4. The next year the collected seeds are not recommended to be planted since they can give a lot of barren flower. The best time for their landing for 2-3 year. Collected seeds of cucumbers keep viability 6-8, sometimes 10 years, the truth every next year it can decrease.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team