How to recognize the apartment as emergency

How to recognize the apartment as emergency

The order of recognition of the apartment emergency is regulated by provision 47 and its editorial office 494 of 2.08.07 approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. To recognize the apartment or multifamily house as emergency, it is necessary to collect number of documents and to address to executive authority of the territorial subject of the Russian Federation.

It is required to you

  • - statement;
  • - technical data sheet;
  • - your passport;
  • - extract from the cadastral passport and copy of the cadastral plan.


1. To recognize the apartment as emergency, file petition to department of housing policy which works in each regional administration. Enclose the passport and notarized photocopy, the copy of the cadastral passport and cadastral plan which give out in BTI to the application. Also you will need technical data sheet of housing. If as emergency it is necessary to recognize multifamily house, then all owners, employers or their notarially authorized representatives are obliged to submit applications.

2. Within 30 days after submission of your statement the commission for survey of the room on the basis of which the decision on further use of housing will be made will be created.

3. Degree of wear, technical condition, degree of fire resistance of materials, conditions of evacuation of residents in case of emergency situations enters evaluation criteria of unfitness of use. Sanitary and epidemiologic expertize of utilities, radiation background, common air on availability of biological or chemical compounds, physical factors, noise level, vibration, microclimate, electromagnetic fields is surely carried out.

4. On the basis of work of the commission the decision on standard conditions of accommodation, on need of repair or on discrepancy of the room with norms and standards of safe accommodation will be made. The decision is made by vote of the experts working in the commission.

5. Will send you the written decision and the order on further actions of executive authorities. After the carried-out survey of housing the decision has to be made not later than in 5 working days.

6. If your apartment is recognized as emergency and dangerous to further accommodation, then you will be temporarily settled out to other housing to make major repair of the room. At recognition of residential building by members of the commission unsuitable for further use, all residents move and make major repair or demolition of the house.

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