How to recolour facade

How to recolour facade

The complete kitchen from tree looks very beautifully and advantageously, time to recolour it only comes. Color can just grow dull within several years under the influence of sunshine or not approach under the general updated interior.


1. First of all it is necessary to take out all unnecessary pieces of furniture from the room and to leave only complete kitchen. It is one floor better to lay film or newspapers to protect laminate or linoleum from paint splashes.

2. Before painting it is necessary to remove all accessories from furniture that not to damage it. Abrasive paper it is necessary to process all surfaces of facade, by means of putty for tree to close all chips and cracks.

3. If earlier the kitchen has been painted light tone and the structure of tree has remained, then the decorative and protective structure quite will be suitable for repaint. It is better to choose water-based products that during the work there was no smell and they are intended for internal works. Example can paint for tree of Belinka and "Pinotex" is.

4. As the tool the brush with the mixed or artificial bristle will approach. With its help it is very easy to cause structure. The covering dries about 8-12 hours, then it is possible to put the second layer. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to choose similar colors or more dark, than were earlier. At the end it is possible to paint wooden facade with water varnish which will give durability and water-repellent properties to tree.

5. If the color of facade of kitchen was dark, then it is better to recolour it aqueous emulsion ink. Of course, it will not keep structure of wood, but will be able to give to tree any shade. Before painting it is also necessary to process surface abrasive paper and to apply water primer. It will not allow structure to be absorbed in wood, paint will lay down more even layer.

6. The washing aqueous emulsion inks "Euro-20", "Distances for the Bathroom and Kitchen", "Belinka for Damp Rooms" will be suitable for kitchen facade. These structures form excellent Paro - and the water-permeable covering, surface can be washed though every day with by all means, at the same time paint is not wiped, long keeps the color. For bigger durability from above it is possible to put two layers of water varnish which will in addition add to tree pleasant gloss. More convenient and will be more practical to cause water emulsion structure with the velor roller with average pile.

7. By means of modern paints and varnishes it is easily possible to give to kitchen any color, even the brightest and juicy. Time for repaint of facade will leave a little and special fancy purpose tools are not required, and the result will please for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team