How to record the song on backing track

How to record the song on backing track

Music for many people represents something special and intimate. Someone likes quiet songs, to someone fast, to someone dancing, many prefer to echo the performer. Today there is set of ways to record own song in house conditions, without visiting recording studio.


1. Pick up the music suitable under your words. Lose it several times and be trained to combine step of music and word. For bigger convenience of word it is possible to write on piece of paper, and near the beginning of couplets and refrains to put down time. Sing several times the song.

2. Download the special program for sound recording from the Internet. There is a lot of such programs, but one can stop on some functional and more unpretentious. For example, such programs are: Audacity, Adobe Audition or Sound Forge. Install the pleasant program on the computer and start.

3. Prepare the place where you awake to record the song. In the room there should not be foreign sounds. It is desirable that indoors there were you some. Connect the microphone and check its work. Pay attention that the microphone chosen by you will be more high-quality, the better record will turn out. It is not obligatory to buy expensive condenser microphone, - it is quite enough to use normal dynamic. Very good models of microphones are: Shure, AKG, Nady or Rode.

4. Open the chosen music through the downloaded program. Connect earphones, put on them and press the record button. You do not bring the microphone too close to lips, otherwise in the written-down sound crashes and hissing will be heard. But also do not distance the microphone too strongly. Sing words accurately, according to music step.

5. Listen to the turned-out record. If it does not satisfy you – write down anew. To record the qualitative song from the first very difficult therefore be ready to reexecution several times.

6. Remove excess noise from the turned-out record. In order that to make it, it is necessary to allocate small piece of noise as an example. To receive sample rather easily – keep silent a little in the microphone, at the same time without moving at all. Choose the received piece with noise. Further everything is simple: if you use the Audacity program, choose that part of soundtrack to which you want to apply removal of noise and press the OK button. If you use the Adobe Audition program – define part of path to which it is necessary to apply removal and press combination of the Ctrl+Shift+P keys. Confirm the chosen action with click on the OK button.

7. Try to add various effects to the received record. Use of certain effect allows to achieve originality and peculiar sounding that will make your song unique and special. If desired it is possible to impose several effects on the same record therefore be not afraid to experiment.

8. Make sure that you accept the turned-out record and maintain it in format, necessary for you. In the beginning do not forget to keep all session. It is necessary in order that then at any time you could open the path and edit it. It is the best of all to keep the song in MP3 format. At preservation it is recommended to choose quality in 320 Kbps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team