How to reduce condensate in the greenhouse

How to reduce condensate in the greenhouse

Availability of condensate in the greenhouse where garden cultures grow, negatively affects productivity and leads to fungal diseases of plants.


1. To fight against the condensate accumulating on greenhouse walls rather difficult. Therefore, buying the greenhouse, first, make sure available window leaves or folding roof. Pay special attention to window leaves, they have to be in the topmost point of hotbed. Hot air, moisture and evaporations have to pass through them effectively.

2. Is the second reason of emergence of condensate, excessive quantity of the grown-up plants and also untimely removal of side escapes and the died-off leaves. Before jumping of seedling to the greenhouse calculate quantity of plants on one square meter. 2 plants on sq.m are ideal to arrange.

3. Evening watering of plants, in particular cucumbers can become one more reason of emergence of condensate. It is necessary to make watering in the greenhouse in the first half of day, using at the same time warm water. Thus, you will reduce emergence of condensate on greenhouse ceiling at night.

4. Many gardeners recommend to cover beds with crops by transparent film, then evaporation will not be, and condensate in the greenhouse will decrease. Application of black opaque film will not allow the soil to get warm during heat and will reduce availability of condensate.

5. Airing has to be carried out when air temperature out of hotbed is 10-12 degrees lower than optimum temperature for the greenhouse. Air temperature in the greenhouse has to be + 20 – 25 degrees. Means, it is necessary to open the greenhouse when on the street + 12 - 15 degrees. The greenhouse needs to be opened in the morning until it has begun to heat up yet. Thus, you level the level of humidity and prevent emergence of condensate on greenhouse walls.

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