How to reduce dust in the apartment

How to reduce dust in the apartment

It is difficult to overestimate importance of carrying out cleaning in the apartment which purpose is disposal of dust. However it is impossible to belittle also the importance of number of the elementary rules directed to reduction of amount of dust which gets to the house. Putting them into practice, and you will become easier to breathe, and the labor input of cleaning considerably will decrease.


1. Check all windows and doors in your apartment regarding slots. If those are available, eliminate them – cover, stick with paper or strips of fabric, fill with cotton wool or other material. On sale there are special condensing elastic bands today, get them and apply according to the instruction. Thus, you block penetration of street dust into your dwelling.

2. Change fabric curtains for blinds since on curtains large amount of dust which you disturb when you draw or open curtains accumulates. This dust is well visible at bright sun. If you do not like blinds, then the thicket should erase curtains – every two weeks surely. So dust will not accumulate and to force you to sneeze at each their stir.

3. Put household humidifier in the apartment. Or get aquarium with small fishes, the small decorative fountainlet, window plants with wide leaves which will need to be sprinkled regularly that they well grew in conditions of the city apartment. It is very important in the winter when air is especially dry because of the included heating services. At these measures dust at least will not soar in air, and from surfaces it is easy to remove it by means of wet towel wipes.

4. In due time throw out old carpets and oriental carpets from which glue (if they on glue basis) and pile is showered. If you consider that to leave them still early, then vacuum more often and you brush damp. At the same time the vacuum cleaner should not be very old as from long-term use in it there could be cracks and slots through which the dust collected by it can again will extend on the house. If in fight against dust in your house you are ready extremely resolutely, then it is better to refuse carpets and oriental carpets absolutely.

5. Frequent regular cleaning by the vacuum cleaner is demanded also by soft toys, pillows, plaids and blankets (you can replace the vacuum cleaner with dust knocking-out with cracker on the street). Do not allow dust to be saved in them and to extend on all apartment when you or members of your family take them and play, shake, re-make, etc.

6. If you very much want to reduce amount of dust in the apartment, throw out old down or feather pillows. Replace them with pillows with filler from holofiber or sintepon. Think also of upholstered furniture. Or rather, about its upholstery. Panel material has to possess heat - and dirt-resistant properties (such types of fabrics are presented at the market very widely today). Reasonably in active fight against dust to change furniture upholstery from fabric for leather.

7. Do not sweep the floor broom, it will only disperse dust on the parties. Only damp cleaning!

8. Buy the air cleaner, today producers offer them in good selection. Explain to the consultant in shop that it is necessary for you, and it will recommend suitable model. Modern air cleaners are very productive and effective, supplied with automatic equipment and even devices for fragrances. Besides they have excellent design thanks to which the air cleaner will organically fit into interior of your house. Do not forget to change filters only in due time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team