How to reduce water flow

How to reduce water flow

All know that reserves of the fresh water suitable for the use are limited and tend to decrease. The German scientists have given the shocking numbers demonstrating that each person for the life wastes more than 80% of water. For preservation of so invaluable resource everyone has to make every effort. If you have thought of how to reduce water flow, then to the nature you have already taken the first step.

It is required to you

  • - The sanitary equipment with the lowered water flow;
  • - Washing machine with economic intake of water;
  • - Dish washer.


1. To reduce water flow - conscious step. It is possible to achieve decrease in volume of the used water, but it will demand not only your desire, but also change of way of life and usual objects of use. The first that should be made: replace plumbing - get both shower, and the crane for washing, and drain tank with the lowered water flow. These things a little than concede in convenience normal, but you save water. And, therefore, you keep invaluable natural resource. In addition to it, on condition of availability of counters of water flow, you receive benefit in the form of the saved municipal payment.

2. Be not satisfied with what has already been achieved, replace the old washing machine on the machine with economy mode of intake of water.

3. Buy dish washer - it will also reduce the volume of the consumed water. Choose the last developments in this area, they are the most economic and effective. If you have executed all this, can safely say that you have reduced water flow almost three times.

4. Everything listed belongs to ""physical"" water consumption, on division of the German scientists. It is only the tenth part of the consumed water which is spent for domestic needs of the person. And how to be from other 90%? Here it is necessary to appeal to mankind, only change of the relation of society to the events can change situation. It is necessary to change way of life, to review production technologies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team