How to refuel the conditioner

How to refuel the conditioner

There is nothing more pleasantly, than in hot summer day to plunge into the refreshing cool of the room in which the conditioner works. The air which has undergone processing by the climatic equipment, fresh, cool and clean. As long as possible to enjoy trouble-free operation of the conditioner, it is necessary to serve correctly it that includes also carrying out systematic refueling.

It is required to you

  • - cylinder with freon;
  • - filling scales;
  • - vacuum pump;
  • - operational instruction;
  • - manometrical station.


1. Carefully drain the system of the climatic equipment: expulsion by nitrogen will help with it. If the conditioner has been installed correctly, that is, its installation producers professionals, then all freon has to be concentrated in external part of climatic system. In this case expulsion can be executed freon.

2. Using the vacuum pump, vacuumize the system of the cooling unit (during performance of this operation moisture and nitrogen have to be completely removed).

3. Check the system of the climatic equipment for tightness (it is necessary to make it under pressure). Such check is necessary for determination of expediency of regular refueling of the conditioner: if the system is hermetic, then you should not make refueling of the unit every season.

4. Study the operational instruction which was attached upon purchase to the cooling equipment: in it the grade of freon which should fill the conditioner, and the required quantity is specified. Using special filling scales and the manometrical station, refuel the climatic unit with coolant. As a rule, for filling of household conditioners R-410A freon is necessary.

5. Test operation of the climatic equipment. For this purpose open both cranes, and then turn on the cooling unit. Attentively observe cranes. If cranes have become covered with hoarfrost, so it is necessary to make additional refueling of the conditioner. If cranes do not become covered with hoarfrost, it demonstrates that the cooling unit has been filled with enough coolant.

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