How to refuse the landline phone

How to refuse the landline phone

With arrival to the world of mobile and cellular communication the stationary home phone number is used less and less. Many resort to services of the home phone number only because through it the Internet is connected. But if in general nobody uses it, then the best option will be it to disconnect not to pay monthly fee.

It is required to you

  • Contract on provision of services of telephone communication.


1. Take the contract and read attentively all its points to be aware of what terms have been offered by the telephone company and under what circumstances the shutdown of stationary phone and also all made demands to subscribers is made.

2. Address on the phone number specified in the contract and explain to the consultant that you have decided to refuse rendering their services. He will explain to you under what conditions and in what terms termination of the contract will be made.

3. Pay completely debt for use of the home phone number and keep the receipt on payment. It will need to be provided before submitting the written statement for termination of the contract.

4. Address to firm which provided you communication services. Send them the contract which has been signed between firm and you and also the receipt on payment of debt.

5. Write the application for voluntary termination of the contract. Specify the reason of your refusal in the statement. After that register the statement at the marketing specialist of telecommunication services. After consideration on your mailbox the notice will come with the solution of shutdown or refusal on shutdown of the home phone number. In case of refusal address to firm for specification of the reason and permission of controversial issues.

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