How to register kitchen in style of country

How to register kitchen in style of country

Style of country for kitchen - the most successful decision. This design is referred to number of the most popular. And all because its lines perfectly are in harmony with purpose of the room. In other words: if you were inspired by culinary transfer or the magazine for housewives on creation of culinary masterpiece, then disorder which it will be undoubted during cooking, will not spoil the general opinion on interior. Even it is rather on the contrary, the production disorder will harmoniously look in your kitchen in style of country, it means rural stylistics.


1. Style of country simple and cozy, fantasy and bright, but without any delicacy and luster. Self-made things will perfectly fit into design (hand embroidery, for example). When you register the kitchen in style of country, refuse artificial materials (plastic, cellophane), it is better to give preference to naturalness. Furniture for kitchen in style of country is better to choose wooden; simple and even a little rough. Let it will even be not colored - leave the natural invoice. That the room interior in style of country looked full, it is necessary to add also a little textiles: embroidery on walls (you can embroider several pictures, and you can buy), lace as jewelry of tables and curbstones (as our grandmothers did). Products from rod will be simply ideal: furniture, baskets, lamp shades and other decorative trifles.

2. Ware and kitchen accessories need to be selected under style of the kitchen too. The ceramics has to be the first point in the list: pots, jugs, bowls, mugs and so on. Ware can be with relief patterns or the enameled painting. Certainly, not only from ceramics the ware can be; not all at least. Tableware, for example, can be metal, but with wooden handles. And here big spoons and blades - completely from tree.

3. To recover interior of country kitchen, decorate it with pots with flowers (violets, geranium), with pepper or tomatoes. Put on windowsill boxes with greens that will help not only to decorate kitchen, but also to diversify the menu. Dry branches and flowers will well look in interior too.

4. If you well remember the childhood in the village at the grandmother, for certain paid attention that at it bundles of onions and garlic, various herbs, pepper red burning and all in this spirit hung on walls. Most likely you have already understood that it is hint on addition in design of these most rural trifles. Also on shelves there have to be transparent banks with grain and jars with seasonings.

5. Let's not forget about curtains and cloths which can be checkered coloring, with the image of poppies, either just red or green. As jewelry on shelves and walls horseshoes and shod candlesticks will perfectly fit in (even candelabrums will not be superfluous). Too do not disdain ancient objects: the shuttle from wooden distaff will not look through chur ridiculous, and on the contrary, will decorate wall and will add to interior of cosiness and harmony; the self-made embroidered dolls and any charms will not be superfluous, pillows, pictures, decorative ware on walls. Of course, you will not buy all these objects in supermarket therefore you need to go to flea market or to the souvenir shop. And if you have acquaintances who live in old rural houses, then you were largely lucky! You can glance to them on a visit and look after between times several necessary things for decor of your country kitchen there.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team