How to reinforce concrete

How to reinforce concrete

Reinforcing gives to concrete necessary durability. For creation of the powerful design capable to maintain heavy loads, it is necessary to observe proper correlation of the knitting elements: armature and fillers.

It is required to you

  • - armature
  • - concrete mixer
  • - welding machine


1. Rods of circular section for reinforcing of concrete I can be ridge or smooth, with a diameter of 5.5 - 40 mm. Length is them from 6 to 18 m. Depending on length and diameter, rods are on sale in sheaf (straight lines) or in revolts. If rods for reinforcing are delivered to building in revolts, unbend them before cutting and laying on board scaffold.

2. If on the construction site there is no equipment necessary for this purpose, then give preference to rods in sheaves or already cut and better curved according to the project. Sometimes straightening of rods is made by means of the truck, however it is very dangerous: suddenly torn tense rod can strongly wound the people who are nearby.

3. It is possible to order already created frameworks at the plant. However their delivery to building and further work with them will require the special equipment. If you are deprived of opportunity to use that on the construction site, make framework independently. Entrust welding to experts. When performing jobbing you make tying of armature manually.

4. If diameter of rods does not exceed 25 mm, fasten them with spot welding, plastic feature connectors or lashing wire. Fasten rods of large diameter only with arc welding (if the project does not provide other methods). Connect welding or bandaging not less than 50% of crossings, surely providing fastening in corners.

5. Using wire for concrete reinforcing, consider that it has to be made of special stainless steel and have diameter from 3 to 12 mm. Make of it the welded grids having rectangular or square cells. The distance between wire pieces, components of wall of cell has to be from 5 to 20 cm.

6. Dump concrete mix in the reinforced designs layers, condensing each of them with rodding or vibrators. Remember that hit in concrete of the soil departing from edge of ditch or trench increases the probability of clinking and reduces concrete durability.

7. Also it is possible to reinforce concrete the needle fibers made of reasonable cold steel. This way of reinforcing called disperse is ideal for the plates and coverings stacked directly on the soil. Similar constructions are very strong and resistant to shrinkage and cracking. For concrete reinforcing fill up with needle fibers them directly in the kneaded concrete.

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