How to reinforce continuous footing

The Russian climate is cruel to the bases. Even if depth of the last is calculated correctly, the freezing puchinisty soil clings to roughnesses of external walls of the bases and sometimes breaks them. Uneven shrinkage of soil under weight of buildings also can lead to rupture of the bases. To secure itself against similar troubles, before filling of the base it is necessary to lay armature in timbering.

It is required to you

  • - welding machine;
  • - reinforcement bar;
  • - soft wire of Ø0.8-2 of mm;
  • - tape measure;
  • - "Bulgarian".


1. Cut preparation for production of prefabricated reinforcement cage.· longitudinal rods – bars of armature with a diameter of 12-14 mm 3-3.5 m long. Their quantity should be defined proceeding from length of continuous footing and condition that the prefabricated reinforcement cage will consist of 4 longitudinal rods (two below and two above). It is necessary to consider also that circumstance that bars will be laid with overlapping of their ends on 200-250 mm.· cross rods – bars of armature with a diameter of 8-10 mm. Their length has to be 100 mm less than base thickness. The quantity of cross-pieces pays off proceeding from condition that the distance between them has to be about 1 m and they keep within in pairs – one above, another below. • Vertical rods – from the same armature and in the same quantity, as cross rods. Their length has to be 100 mm less than base height.

2. Put on the earth (out of timbering) in parallel each other two longitudinal rods with distance between them slightly smaller, than length of cross rods. Lay on them cross rods at distance from each other about 1 meter. Extreme cross-pieces have to be removed from the ends of longitudinal rods on 300-400 mm. Weld or tie soft wire cross rods to longitudinal. As a result the bottom reinforcing flange of the base will turn out.

3. Establish in places of crossing of longitudinal rods with cross vertical rods and weld them on cross. Tie to the top end of vertical rods two longitudinal rods – parallel to two first, lying on the earth. Connect them cross rods how it has been made with the bottom reinforcing flange. Thus, the segment of prefabricated reinforcement cage consisting of two belts will turn out (top and lower), each of which in turn consists of two longitudinal rods.

4. Make quantity of similar segments, necessary on all base. Establish them in timbering on pieces of concrete or brick 50-60 mm high (for providing gap between armature and base of foundation). Provide equal gap between armature and internal walls of timbering on width (approximately on 40-50 mm on each party). The ends of longitudinal rods of the next segments have to block each other on 200-250 mm. Connect each couple of the ends among themselves by two-three twists of wire. On corners the segments have to be established also with overlapping of each other, without reaching the faces internal wall of timbering on 40-50 mm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team