How to reinforce monolithic plate

How to reinforce monolithic plate

The monolithic plate which can be floor, wall or ceiling becomes stronger armature for durability. The grid consists of iron rods, their size and distance between them depend on the area which is covered by plate.


1. If the monolithic plate blocks flights more than eight meters, apply previously strained armature grid from high-strength ropes. When the plate leans on columns, and they have no capitals, strengthen additional reinforcing those sites of monolith which lie on tops of support. It will exclude breakdown of overlapping at operation.

2. There are standard welded grids for reinforcing of monolithic plates. You should not take metal rod with a diameter less than 4-6 millimeters. The product with a section of 8-14 millimeters is usually used, the choice of value depends on design load. The distance between bars of armature should not be more than 40-60 centimeters.

3. Count thickness of the plate from the size of the area of flight. The ratio 1:30 is accepted, that is with overlapping width between load bearing walls in six meters thickness of monolith will be twenty centimeters. If this indicator decreases, it will be necessary to increase reinforcing by metal rods.

4. One layer of reinforcing is possible at thickness of monolithic plate less than fifteen centimeters if all other conditions of standard documentation are met. At bigger thickness of overlapping it is necessary to stack two layers of the metal gauze: above and below.

5. Armature knit special wire, the size of cells depends on assignment of plate. The main grid has to consist of bars of one diameter.

6. Additional reinforcing is applied in the following places: in middle part of plate on the lower grid, on support, in places of center of load of plate, around openings. For this purpose take separate reinforcing rods from 40 to 150 centimeters long. Their size depends on width of flights and loadings.

7. The design with timbering and armature is filled in with liquid concrete not below M200. At you the monolithic floor slab, but will turn out not earlier than in month, only then concrete will gain 100% of durability.

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