How to remake kitchen furniture

How to remake kitchen furniture

By means of the alteration created by the hands you can not only update the old kitchen furniture, but also from several separate sets to collect to itself new. Before work look through interior magazines or look at the websites on the Internet devoted to decorating developments. It will help you to resolve issues both with color of future furniture, and with new arrangement of lockers if there is such need.

  • - spray paints;
  • - abrasive paper;
  • - screw-driver or screw driver;
  • - film;
  • - liquid for washing of ware;
  • - liquid nails;
  • - moisture resistant hardboard;
  • - tile.

1. Updating furniture you fasadovotkrutit furniture facades from boxes. At once check all loops whether they need replacement. Unscrew handles.

2. Lay table or other flat surface intended for work, polyethylene. Cover with newspapers and film the being objects nearby if you use paint from airbrush or from barrels.

3. Wipe facades with the rag, the wetted in alcohol or in liquid for washing of ware. Dry surface.

4. Putty deep cracks. Poshkurte all surface abrasive paper.

5. Spray on facades paint from barrel. Read in the instruction whether primer is required for this paint. You can use autoenamels, having bought them ready prepared or to order paint kolerovka in shop. Autoenamels are resistant to emergence of chips and scratches that is very important in kitchen.

6. Pick up new or fasten old handles.

7. Make complete kitchen. If the side planes of boxes are well visible and need painting, then veil newspapers and film wall that not to soil it, and use spray paints.

8. Dry all painted surfaces. Screw the updated facades into place.

9. Updating of table-top by means of mosaic you can order new table-top in firm which is engaged in production of kitchen furniture, and can make exclusive work area of those materials which remained at apartment renovation.

10. Cut table-top from the moisture resistant sheet fibreboard of the necessary sizes. Level and fix it on kitchen boxes.

11. Attach edge. It can be bought ready, to make of wooden plinth or the chromeplated rail.

12. Make mosaic of tile. Put tile between two sheets of cardboard on firm surface. Break it into pieces the hammer. You can use mosaic of one or several flowers.

13. Fix tile pieces on table-top by means of liquid nails or normal glue for tile. After full drying of mosaic process seams finish. Wipe all surface with rag before the finish dries.

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