How to remake old sofa

How to remake old sofa

It is not obligatory to send old sofa with the peeled-off paint and the soiled covering to dump. Still quite strong design can be returned to system, having a little remade by means of paint, varnish and beautiful fabric.


1. Examine wooden parts of your sofa. If on it small chips, cracks or scratches were formed, they can be closed up, without sorting furniture. Buy putty for tree. Pick up the shade coinciding with color of sofa, or ask the manager to add color in shop to receive right color.

2. Apply putty with small portions on place of failure. Distribute it on the wide palette, from it scoop portion small. Instead of the palette it is possible to use narrow strip of cardboard. Fill crack or chip with structure, and then walk in this place the clean palette completely to level surface.

3. If wooden elements of sofa are damaged very strongly, remove them. Instead of absolutely destroyed (for example, gnawed by dog) it is necessary to order new in the company on repair of furniture. The whole parts with the damaged covering can be updated. For this purpose remove residues of varnish or paint. If it is impossible, zashkurta surface. Then cover it with primer for tree. When it dries, the part can be painted with paint or drying oil. If desired it is possible to varnish the painted parts of sofa.

4. Replace the damaged covering on sofa new. Unstitch old covering, trying to do it as it is possible more accurately. Spread out each part of covering on paper and circle to create pattern. Or construct pattern independently – draw development of parallelepiped. The parties of figure have to correspond to the sizes of part of sofa for which you sew new "clothes". Transfer pattern to fabric and add allowances for seams. Sew new covers, having inserted into them zippers or velcros that pillowcases could be erased periodically.

5. To decorate defects which cannot be corrected use methods of ornament. On wooden surface it is possible to lay out pattern mosaic. Spots or inhalings on covering hide under patch applique.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team