How to remove ball ink from paper

How to remove ball ink from paper

It is possible to remove ball ink from paper various means. But the simple office elastic band or edge of the razor for this purpose will not approach. If we try to eliminate handle traces, means it is necessary to keep also quality of paper. Various solutions will help with it.


1. The most effective remedy against ball ink on paper is solution of table 70% of vinegar and potassium permanganate. Also you need hydrogen peroxide.

2. At first take about thirty grams of vinegar and begin to add to it potassium permanganate, carefully mixing. When solution gains dark saturated violet color – it is ready to application. About the help of Q-tip apply it on the surface of ink. It is only necessary to moisten traces of ball pen, but not to pound them.

3. After minute expectation sprinkle cotton wool hydrogen peroxide and accurately drench the stains which have remained as a result of processing blackened solution. As a result all records will be removed, and paper will remain safe and sound.

4. If it is required to remove ball ink from the big site, you will be helped by structure from water, oxalic and lemon acids. To prepare it, mix in 100 ml. waters on 10 grams of each of the specified acids. Apply with wide soft brush the received solution on ink, then moisten with normal water and dry by means of blotter.

5. There is one more interesting way which at first sight can seem fantastic. But it was quite often used in the Soviet years to remove ink and stamps from documents. Put two large cockroaches in bank, having provided air access. In couple of days when they get hungry, grease contours of ink with thin strip of liquid honey and admit to it insects. That those have not run up, cover with glass flask. Cockroaches will begin to pinch actively honey, and the acid which is contained in their saliva gradually will dissolve ink. In time move away insects from paper that they have not eaten also it.

6. Reliably to remove ball ink and not to damage paper, follows all means to put and dry up very accurately. Do not allow grindings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team