How to remove bleaching powder spots

How to remove bleaching powder spots

For removal from clothes of the spot left any substance there is set of ways – from national methods to dry-cleaner. The exception is made by normal bleaching powder from which spot cannot be removed. But even in such situation you should not throw out favourite thing at once.

1. The chloric lime applied to disinfection and bleaching consists of chloride, hypochlorite and hydrate of lime. Because of such components it not just changes color of fabric as other means, and forever burns out it. That is why it will not be possible to erase traces from bleaching powder on clothes any means. The only exit – to disguise spot.

2. If you are ready to change color of the thing, paint it with special paint for fabric. It is on sale in any household shop. For this purpose it is not obligatory to boil clothes. It will perfectly be painted also at low temperature. The main thing is to add salt there, and when rinsing – vinegar tablespoon. These substances will set color. However if bleaching powder has spoiled the big site on clothes of dark color, its painting can unevenly happen. And at the subsequent washings the spot can be allocated on the general background with lighter place.

3. Hide unattractive spot under beautiful patch or applique. It is also possible to sew interesting pocket or to pristrochit beautiful tape. In this case your thing will become stylish, and, above all – unique. The imagination in such business can be boundless.

4. If drops of bleaching powder have got on one of clothes parts, try to unpick it to sew new. It is so possible to replace collar, cups, pocket or corbel. But for this purpose you should find the material suitable on color and texture. The lack of skills of sewing will also not hinder here, it is always possible to address services of the professional dressmaker.

5. The small spot on breast can be disguised beautiful brooch, and the soiled hem - to truncate or otstrochit. Pick up beautiful threads and make several lines on the place of spot. They can settle down not only along edge of hem, but also cross-wise or in general across. Such stitching to turn the spoiled thing into interesting and fashionable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team