How to remove blood spots: 3 effective ways

How to remove blood spots: 3 effective ways

Whether it be removal of spots from sheets, clothes, underwear or mattresses, the rule does not change: the earlier you will begin to act, the better!

1. Cold water and soap

For removal of spots of fresh blood never use hot water if only you do not want the spot to remain on fabric forever! Always pump cold water, immediately moistening fabric. You have to hold the clothes covered with blood, spot down so that to facilitate washing off and to prevent hit of the remains in fabric. In the most successful cases, especially if you act in due time, there will be enough one water to remove spot. 

However it will be in most cases useful to use ordinary hand soap, and no special means for processing will be required. Rub a little soap means on spot and let's it work several seconds before rinsing. If you had had impression that there was a little aura or that the spot has not disappeared completely, start cold washing in the washing machine. 

2. Sparkling water and hydrogen peroxide 

Sparkling water familiar to all can be very useful to removal of spots from fabrics: its vials of carbon dioxide actively work, promoting dissolution of blood in fibers. It can be the fast and convenient decision if you there is nothing near at hand, at the same time nearby grocery store any more. 

Hydrogen peroxide works in many respects in the same way, but it is definitely more powerful and effective: its vials of oxygen affects fibers, allowing to separate blood, even dry! However there is one nuance: do not use peroxide on very delicate fabrics because it can affect their color. It is always better to check efficiency and resistance of clothes to means, previously having diluted it with water. 

Including, it is necessary to avoid hydrogen peroxide on silk and wool. At the same time it can be used on cotton. For example, on sheets and pillowcases. 

3. Remove spots with ethyl alcohol or bicarbonate 

This product can be useful and effective for removal of spots from fabrics: it is capable to corrode quickly inlaid blood. It is system which, certainly, is more effective, than hydrogen peroxide, but which, however, can decolour fabric: even in this case it is better to carry out at first the small test on invisible area of clothes. To remove alcohol, wash the place of processing with cold and abundant water. 

Even bicarbonate can come to the rescue to remove spots: it is very effective against blood! Take basin and put the soiled clothes in solution with bicarbonate and water, carefully wiping spot. Then to wash out, as well as in last case, large amount of cold water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team