How to remove bruises and hypostases

How to remove bruises and hypostases

As a rule, attribute to the person having bruises or unhealthy puffiness under eyes abuse of alcoholic drinks. Actually, can be the reason of swelling, crimson cyanosis, circles under eyes anything: sleep debt, diseases of kidneys and other.

1. Before trying to liquidate symptoms – it is necessary to find the reason of their emergence. It is axiom. The reason of appearance of bruises and hypostases under eyes is accumulation of liquid in fabrics. In turn, the poor quality of dream can be the cause of such hypostasis. One more reason – age changes. Various diseases of GIT, kidneys, nervous system, heart and also allergic reactions are the third reason. Respectively, to liquidate consequences – it is necessary to localize and remove the cause. As a rule, with elimination of the reason through short time also the investigations disappear. If the blue and hypostases under eyes – your constant satellites, then are reason for visit to the doctor. And if doctors do not find the internal reasons of your stale look – it is necessary to take a closer look at possible external causes more attentively.

2. Whether correctly you sleep? The correct situation for dream is at which the head is higher than the level of body. At the same time (attention!) zalom in cervical department of backbone should not be. That is, the optimum height of pillow is height of 10-15 cm. Whether enough you sleep? Time of dream is especially individual. And about whether you get enough sleep personally or not, it is necessary to judge by your state during the day. Whether there is no drowsiness whether there is a wish to lie down to take a nap, whether fog in the head floats? At the same time it is necessary to consider that in the period of short daylight hours (the end of fall, winter, early spring) the person needs more time for dream. Whether there is a lot of stresses in your life? Stresses, overfatigue can also be the cause of puffiness and bruises. Whether you abuse alcohol, pickles and hot dishes? All above-mentioned leads to formation of hypostases of lower eyelids. Whether enough you are in the fresh air whether you accept vitamins? If the answer "no" – that be not surprised that your person reacts to destructive way of life sickly look.

3. And, at last, several recipes of disposal of puffiness and circles under eyes. Good means are tea bags. Put damp bags of weak tea on eyelids, and in 15 minutes remove and wash eyes with warm water. Well store cosmetic creams from hypostases help. But before purchase attentively read the label. As a rule, to contain in hypostases medicine collagen, gilauronovy acid, manganese, natural ingredients (caffeine, extract of green tea and others). Visit to the beautician and special massage – too excellent hypostases medicine under eyes. Massage promotes outflow of excess liquid from places of its congestion. At last, ice masks. These are special small pillows with gel which freeze in the deep freeze, and then for several minutes put to the swelled centuries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team