How to remove dampness smell

How to remove dampness smell

The unpleasant smell of dampness can trap people everywhere: in the bathroom, in kitchen, in cabinet, in toilet, etc. It is possible to eliminate it in several easy and effective ways.


1. Very often the smell of dampness extends on the first and top floors of premises. Inactivation of communication pipes and low-quality roof become the reason for that quite often. Over time, if you do not take any measures, the mold and fungus indoors can be formed. In this case to remove dampness smell at you it will turn out only after major repair of communications. For this purpose you need to write the corresponding application in local house management or housing-and-municipal inspection.

2. The dampness smell in the bathroom, as a rule, arises because of bad ventilation. To bring unpleasant aroma out of the room, you hold door as often as possible open. Exclude possibility of drying of linen in the bathroom.

3. The unpleasant smell of dampness in toilet, as well as in case with the bathroom, arises because of bad ventilation. Also fault of pipes can serve as the reason. Carry out scheduled maintenance on debugging. Learn from neighbors in strut, perhaps, the dampness in toilet arises because of fault of their communications.

4. If the smell of dampness proceeds from linen cabinet, attentively study its contents. As a rule, badly dried up things can be the cause. In this case repeatedly wash clothes and you will hang out it in well aired room (balcony, loggia).

5. The dampness smell in the apartment can also arise because of pottery flowers. Very often hostesses excessively water plants because of what water begins to stand, and indoors there is unpleasant aroma. You watch flowers and do not allow the similar phenomenon.

6. In the preventive purposes regularly air the room. For this purpose open whenever possible all windows (or in turn in each room) for 15-20 minutes, even during the winter period. In this case you are not threatened by emergence of specific aroma in the apartment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team