How to remove dent on the fridge

How to remove dent on the fridge

Sometimes on the fridge dents are formed. They spoil not only type of the fridge, but also design of kitchen. Agree, design - serious piece. And if expensive fridge is bought, it is necessary to handle it carefully. But all the same to be insured from all troubles it will not turn out.

1. Of course, it will want to knock with the hammer on the other hand and to correct dent from within. If damage is on door, then it is impossible to sort it. It is necessary to remember that door hermetic. Depressurization will force the compressor to work in other mode and will put it out of action. So you should not break integrity of door.

2. Unfortunately, only right technology of removal of dents on the fridge it is not thought up yet. The most widespread ways to eliminate the dent formed by blow come down to seal and sticking up of defect.

3. Try to close the damaged place something another. For example, the magnetized picture. Let it will not restore fridge wall, but to a certain extent will promote design.

4. Putty the damaged place. Strangely enough, too exit. You should not process dent surface strongly. It is rather simple to jam small nazhdachka, to impose primer layer if it is demanded by putty type, and to apply mix. Color of putty has to coincide with color of the fridge.

5. Extend defect vacuum. There is technology allowing to extend dents by means of vacuum. With it you will be helped by the device – the minielevator operator. Now in the market it is possible to meet model of new generation of this device. With its help work on straightening of dents is considerably simplified. Perfectly works at repair without painting. Extends easily and without excess movements. In it there is fixing function. On the plane it is put by rubber support which interfere with sliding. Apply the thermoglue warmed by thermogun on glue percussion cap. You priklozhit percussion caps to dent on the surface of the fridge. Then on percussion cap establish the minielevator operator and adjust the screw. Correct dent, moving gradually handles. When it is corrected, apply alcohol or glue remover. Unstick percussion cap and enjoy result.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team