How to remove false eyelashes

How to remove false eyelashes

not only protect mucous membrane from moisture and dust, but also decorate eyes. Dense and black eyelashes increase eyes and do them much more expressively. What to do if the nature has not awarded you with dense long eyelashes? It is possible to use consignment notes. Often they are used to look good on holiday, wedding or celebration. However sooner or later false eyelashes need to be removed, otherwise your own can suffer.

It is required to you

  • To get rid of artificial beauty, cotton pads, fat cream or olive oil, tweezers will be necessary for you.


  1. For several minutes put damp cotton pad on eyelids. It will soften glue and will allow to remove eyelashes without injuries. It is better to impregnate compress with warm water, then it will not bring discomfort to eyes.
  2. By means of blank cotton pad apply eyelashesfatcream or olive oil along the line of growth . Besides, it is possible to use means for removal of make-up if it contains any mineral oils.
  3. Now carefully begin to unstick eyelashes. It is possible to use for this purpose tweezers. Do not do sharp movements. If you have noticed that part of eyelashes still remains on the place, then apply on them more cream or oils. Do not use force at all, it can do much harm to eyelid skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team