How to remove film from plastic windows

How to remove film from plastic windows

At installation of plastic windows on frames there is special protective film which protects them from scratches and dust during transportation and mounting. Upon termination of all works the film needs to be removed within 10 days. But many do not hurry to do it and after some time protective film, under the influence of direct sunshine, turns into layer of dirt and sticks so that it is almost impossible to clean off it.


1. Very often elementary actions which belong to mounting of products are not observed. After all installation and adjusting works it is necessary to remove protective film. And here several months later you cannot remove it, she does not act, and seeks small pieces, leaving at the same time on frames adhesive layer. As to remove her, without having damaged window from PVC?

2. Do not try to remove film by means of solvent at all. Thus, you only damage plastic profile. Many experts advise to delete protective film with the construction hair dryer. But in this case it is necessary to be the most careful as the double-glazed window can just not sustain enormous temperature drop and burst.

3. To get rid of protective film from plastic surfaces, you will need scraper which is used for cleaning of ceramic tiles and cooking surfaces. This device will not be able to damage plastic frames.

4. Observing extra care, pick up scraper corner of film and tear off its piece behind piece. Cling at the same time to slightly lagging behind edges. If there is opportunity to remove film fingers, do not use scraper for exception of damages of the PVC profiles once again. At completion of work, wash away residues of glue warm soap solution.

5. Glue from protective film and small scratches can be removed by means of special cleaner "Cosmofen 10". He is capable not only to zapolirovat all scratches, but also to remove residues of glue. In certain cases the normal school eraser which without special work will help to achieve desirable results can help.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team