How to remove gel ink

How to remove gel ink

Sometimes it is necessary to correct blots which are made not simple ball pen, but gel ink. It is not always possible to cover with the proofreader, to try various unchecked methods – risky. There is one radical, but effective method.

It is required to you

  • - Acetic acid (70%) - 1 tsp;
  • - potassium permanganate – on knife tip;
  • - hydrogen peroxide solution;
  • - thin brush or Q-tips;
  • - iron;
  • - sheet of white paper.


1. For preparation of the decolouring liquid take steady small clean ware, for example, pile.

2. Pour accurately in pile acetic acid. To avoid chemical burn if suddenly the drop of this liquid gets on skin, put on rubber economic or medical gloves.

3. With vinegar add permanganate of potassium to ware and carefully stir solution before full dissolution of chips.

4. Under leaf from which it is necessary to remove the blot made gel pen or the stamp put by mistake it is necessary to enclose blank sheet of dense white papers.

5. Take the thinnest brush with very soft pile. Dip brush in the liquid prepared in advance and very accurately you drive it on inscription, before its total disappearance.

6. Paper in the place of removal of ink will become brownish. It is possible to remove spot from mix of acetic acid and permanganate of potassium, having just wiped it with the cotton wool, the wetted in hydrogen peroxide solution. Hydrogen peroxide can be bought in any pharmacy.

7. Under the leaf processed by hydrogen peroxide enclose soft fabric. On matter put the sheet of white white paper, and after that iron the warm iron the top page where there was wet spot. If the iron sole not rather clean, or its surface has scratches and roughnesses, then on damp leaf it is necessary to put one more blank dry clean sheet and to iron page already through it.

8. For removal of traces of gel ink from dense paper use the same solution that has been described earlier, but instead of brush take the match ground since one end and wind on it small piece of cotton wool. Make several such Q-tips as they quickly spoil. Dip cotton wool into solution and circle with it blot. The subsequent actions same as are described in the way suitable for processing of thin plate of paper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team