How to remove hop from the site

How to remove hop from the site

Very often owners of seasonal dachas or country estates face such prenepriyatny phenomenon as plants-weeds. One of these weeds, the such trudging invader, hop – the plant familiar to much, thanks to TV "beer" advertizing is.

At the corresponding leaving and timely cutting, it is rather easy to control intensity of growth of hop. Besides, this plant just perfectly looks how the trudging decor element, for example, stone wall of the house or fence. Such green registration quite esthetically looks, introducing peculiar ancient charm in architecture, but …

But if to let matters drift and to allow hop to grow where to it will take in head, then as a result of its fast-growing lianas can occupy nearly all estate.

Methods of fight against hop. Herbicides

The most widespread and fast way of disposal of "intoxicated" weed consists in use of special herbicides – the chemical medicines which are perniciously influencing all root system of plant. Effective herbicides for destruction of hop and other long-term weeds: Raundap, "Napalm", "Hurricane", "Tornado". Herbicides are spraid directly on agrestal plants and work very intensively – withering of stalks and leaves can be observed in three-four days. Completely the weed "dies" in one and a half-two weeks. Unfortunately, this method has shortcomings. For example, spraying weed, it is possible to get accidentally stream and on some other plants. However, if to work in windless weather, it can be avoided quite. Besides, some summer residents enter "poison" directly into weed root, using the ordinary medical syringe for this procedure. Such "pricks" are very effective and safe for other inhabitants of kitchen garden or garden. It is necessary to part the concentrated device according to application instructions. As a rule one hundred-gram bottle is enough to prepare up to ten liters of working mix. It is necessary to spray herbicide only by means of special garden spray.

If it was not succeeded to buy the necessary herbicide

There are cases (especially during seasonal works on kitchen garden and in garden) that herbicides cannot almost be found in sale. In that case for fight against hop and other weeds it is possible to use also some folk remedies. For example, it is possible to prepare the concentrated solution of table salt and to water with it the earth around plants. It is also possible to prepare the concentrated solution of saltpeter and to fill in it in the openings which are in advance drilled in plant stalks. Many summer residents find way out, landing in places of congestion of weeds, so-called "siderata": buckwheat, clover, soy, peas, oats, haricot, lentil. These plants effectively suppress growth of weeds, besides saturate the soil with useful organic matters.

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