How to remove ice

How to remove ice

Gradually the long-awaited spring comes into the own. Begins to grow warm, snow thaws, heats the sun. And at night temperature falls far for zero degree centigrades, all thawed snow turns into ice again, and next morning it is just impossible to go along the street. You Poskalzyvatsya continually! And it is necessary to fight against it somehow. And here is how – you learn from our article.


1. To remove ice, there is only one checked antiquated way – to razdolbit and fill up with salt. It has to become in such sequence because if not to hollow ice, then the first wind gust will sweep away from it all salt, and the sense from work will tend to zero.

2. But it is possible just "to remove" all ice from asphalt. But here other moment – covering of asphalt can be strongly damaged. If similar does not frighten – that the antiquated method is ideal option.

3. However it is possible to think. And to come to conclusion that in the modern world (at present that development of technologies!) some more ways of disposal of ice are thought up. One of them – chemical reagents. Commercially, they, of course, cannot be used. As the first argument it is opposed by scandals and judicial proceedings which have begun after use of this reagent. It was claimed that similar mix subjects to the strongest corrosion of the bottom of cars that in turn leads to increase in danger on roads and to expensive repair. The price acts as the second argument. It is necessary to recognize that this pleasure not from cheap. But if it is about owner-occupied dwelling where it is necessary just to save path from gate to door without excess efforts – that is ideal option.

4. If for some reason it is impossible to get rid of ice, then it is possible to try to reduce as much as possible its harmful influence on human lives. For this purpose it is necessary to strew open area of ice with sand or ashes. Thanks to the small sizes of particle of the above materials, ice loses the smooth surface, and the risk of falling and getting injured is considerably reduced.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team