How to remove in the house of mice

How to remove in the house of mice

Rodents in owner-occupied dwelling - problem of many house owners and to solve it is quite difficult. Fight against rodents wreckers is conducted all life, and hardly someone with confidence can tell that it will ever end.


1. Mice, as we know, not only spoil the dwelling, but also are carriers of various diseases. For this reason it is necessary to get rid of them at once as soon as you have seen rodent or their family in cellar of the house or in rooms. It is important to use such methods which will help to bring mice out of the house forever, irrevocably in several days back. In addition, it is important to know that to poison mice is business of the first importance, but the most important – will get rid of dead bodies of rodents. And they die at persecution anywhere, both in sewage pipes and between walls where to get them at all it will be difficult.

2. Several ways about that, how to remove in the house of mice, without having done much harm to itself and the relatives. The first and most widespread way to bring mice in the house is to get cat, and whenever possible two. From time immemorial was considered that this chaste animal is capable to save the house from rodents. However it is necessary to remember that not each cat is capable of it. There are such breeds which are simply not created for catching of mice. Pay attention to it.

3. Processing of rooms, all dwelling from mice: – chemical treatment. Scattering of hazardous toxic substances on the house as a result of which eating the mouse dies after a while. Such special substances can be bought in any shop of household chemicals. You remember, during the work with such substances it is important to observe all security measures which are specified on packing. At such way of removal of rodents from the house, there can be problems of collecting corpses of mice who can die as it was already noted above, in absolutely unpredictable places.

4. – machining or use of various mousetraps. Such way for residential building is ideal and in comparison with chemical treatment does not sustain any losses to your organism, and it is not necessary to collect corpses of mice behind the walls and in the sewerage to you.

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