How to remove ink from clothes

How to remove ink from clothes

Ink spots are considered as one of the steadiest, but it not absolutely so. Modern ink easily gives in to removal though some and not from the first. Everything depends on type of ink and their structure.

It is required to you

  • - handle for removal of ink
  • - oxygen stain remover
  • - zhavelevy water


1. If your child has soiled clothes normal school ink, then it is the simplest to remove them by means of the special handle for removal of ink. Just move white rod on spot, ink will be absorbed in the handle, you will need only to stretch thing in the washing machine in the normal way.

2. If the spot is put by ink on organic basis, you will be helped out by any stain remover in which name you will be able to find the word Oxi. Moisten spot, sprinkle it stain remover, leave for 15 minutes for influence. If nothing occurs, take spot under water jet and again apply on it stain remover. The subsequent washing will help you to complete the work on removal of spot.

3. If the spot does not wish to give in, cope with it in any way one almost forgotten means – zhavelevy water will help. But it is possible to apply it only on white natural fabrics. Before removing spot from color fabric, experiment with its small piece in the imperceptible place.

4. Moisten spot with zhavelevy water, moisten spot, without going beyond its limits. Give to means time for influence, carefully wash up it from fabric under water jet. If the spot was not removed from the first, repeat processing once again. In conclusion wash thing in the washing machine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team