How to remove iodine spots on clothes

How to remove iodine spots on clothes

Iodine, getting on clothes, leaves dark brown spots. Unfortunately, pollution of such origin difficult give in to removal. But you do not hurry to leave favourite thing and to send it to garbage can or to the dacha. Try to remove spot from iodine by means of make-shifts.

It is required to you

  • Vinegar, baking soda, potatoes, sodium hyposulphite, ammonia solution, the denatured alcohol, stain remover.


1. Remove spots from iodine by means of vinegar and baking soda. Powder the soiled site with soda. Then from above pour a little vinegar and leave for the night. In the morning carefully rinse the processed site in clear flowing water and wash with highly active powder.

2. Use potatoes for removal of traces from iodine. Peel tuber, cut on two parts and wipe the polluted place of clothes. Be not frightened if the spot gets blue shade. It is natural reaction of starch with iodine. Wash off the processed site in warm water with stain remover and carefully rinse.

3. Moisten Q-tip or disk in sodium hyposulphite. This means can be bought in photo salon. Accurately process the soiled place. When the spot disappears, propoloskayta fabric in flowing water and wash with highly active powder. Before hyposulphite use, test its action on the imperceptible site of product. If in 5 minutes color of material has changed, refuse this means.

4. Part 1 tablespoon of ammonia solution in 1 glass of water. Moisten cotton or gauze tampon in the received solution and process spot from the periphery to the center. Propoloskayte clothes in clear water. If from the first it was not succeeded to achieve due result, repeat the procedure at first.

5. Remove traces from iodine from color fabric by means of the denatured alcohol. Moisten cotton pad in means and blot the polluted site. In 10 minutes wash product in warm soap solution and carefully rinse.

6. Turn out the soiled product on inner side. Apply stain remover at first around the polluted place. Then gradually you pass to the middle. Thus you prevent formation of stains. Always use only clean cotton tampon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team