How to remove maggots and flies in the private sector

How to remove maggots and flies in the private sector

With arrival of spring the nature in the private sector begins to come to life and blossom. Together with it also flies who after long hibernation begin to manage in houses of people wake up, bringing in their life various infection and disgusting maggots. How can owners of country houses get rid of larvae of flies and of them?

Flies and maggots

Flies always concentrate where there is decaying waste, food and human excrement – namely, on garbage heaps, kitchens and in toilets which in the private sector often represent the simple wooden box with hole in the earth. Huge number of flies potters about as well in dung of animals as the decaying biological waste is the ideal environment for postponement of the mushiny eggs subsequently turning in maggots.

Adult flies, unlike the larvae, are fed in houses where on tables sweet, meat and fish products lie.

The most widespread species of fly is the fly room. For once she lays about hundred eggs in rotten vegetable and other throws which in several hours will teem literally with maggots. Several days of larva later pupate, and approximately in three-four days from them adult flies who live from month to forty days develop, managing to produce during this time about three thousand more flies of the look.

Fight against flies and maggots: as to bring them

To get rid of flies, first of all it is necessary to observe the maximum purity in country house and in the territory surrounding it. In rooms there have to be no completely crumbs, the food remains, bread on table, dirty floors, old forage for cat or dog and so on – and outdoors has to be the taken-out garbage lot, excrement of pets and untidy toilet which in general is better for replacing with modern dry closet.

Flies do not take out darkness and drafts – to turn out them, it is necessary to turn off in the evening everywhere the light and it is good to air all rooms.

If it is quite simple to get rid of room flies, then with street the situation is slightly more difficult. Usually they turn near the place of the birth – in particular, street toilets. To destroy the maggots waiting for the hour in latrine darkness it is necessary to part in several liters of water insecticide tablet for extermination of insects of wreckers and to pour out this solution in toilet opening. Maggots will die ten-fifteen minutes later, and the new generation of flies will be ruined on root. Adult flies can be destroyed by means of traditional adhesive tapes and other usual ways. It is necessary to carry out the similar procedure with insecticide once a month every summer – it will help to get rid of the prime cause of emergence of uncountable mushiny army.

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