How to remove mold in the apartment

How to remove mold in the apartment

Accommodation of the person in the apartment with mold on walls is quite dangerous. As the mold is capable to cause large number of diseases, for example, such as colds, eczema, allergic rash or chronic congestion of nose. Basic reason of its emergence bad ventilation, cracks in walls, poor executed waterproofing and also course of roof is considered.


1. Generally the mold appears in kitchen (very often in corners), ceiling (especially it concerns those who live on the top floor), in the bathroom and on walls of the angular apartment. First of all for elimination of this problem it is necessary to get rid of source of humidity and to solve problem with ventilation.

2. To solve problem with humidity will be to carry out continuous air flow enough. The room should be aired daily if plastic windows are established. It is forbidden to force furniture crude and dark corners.

3. For performance of finishing work it is necessary to use only the checked materials which have big moisture resistance. During repair surely use antiseptics.

4. It is necessary to make thorough cleaning, for this purpose you need to remove covering on wall (in places where there is mold) and to smooth out this place to the basis. Then the surface dries, it is possible to use the quartz lamp for this purpose. Process wall surface anti-fungal means which can be bought or prepared independently. When processing it is possible to use also the Whiteness bleach or means on the basis of chlorine. In case the mold has appeared it is not so long ago possible to use normal solution of laundry soap, mix of soda and vinegar or solution of tea tree oil. After a while it is necessary to repeat this processing for fixing of result.

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