How to remove negative the house

How to remove negative the house

Negative energy causes insomnia and irritability, can become the reason of feeling sick and fast fatigue. Therefore it is just necessary to keep order in the house. Besides cleaning the room, the person puts internal state in order.


1. For a start remove all superfluous of the house. Get rid of old pictures, photos, ware, furniture. Also be exempted from the broken objects. Things form power of the room. The less garbage, the power is purer.

2. Take church candle, light it and walk with it on the house. Where it is smoked and cracks – clot of negative energy. Be late in these parts to neutralize the evil. Pets will help to define negative. Pay attention to the pet. He it intends avoids the place with negative energy.

3. Spread out wooden objects from aspen, poplar, lilac or linden of all of the house. These are trees vampires which absorb in themselves negative. As soon as the atmosphere in the house improves, take out bar from the house and dig to the earth.

4. Surely you keep clean mirrors. In them negative energy which especially influences children and elderly concentrates.

5. Onions will help to clean the house. Cut bulb in half and decompose in the center in all rooms, do not forget about the bathroom and the storeroom. Leave them for 12 hours. Then collect onions (without touching) and you will throw out far away from the house.

6. Hang up hand bells over outer door. At the entrance they will ring, saving the room from negative energy. Besides on ancient beliefs they bring good news.

7. Light before going to bed aromatic candles or icon lamp with oils. Especially the lavender and rosemary will help. Except cleaning from negative power, they promote healthy sleep.

8. Use wormwood. Hang up broom from this grass over outer door or put bouquet in vase. The main thing that its smell has extended to all house.

9. Use when cleaning broom, but not the vacuum cleaner. At least sometimes. It is considered ancient charm and protects family and home.

10. Clean house threshold thoroughly. Because on it especially dangerous power of foreign people accumulates.

11. When cleaning the house use salt. Scatter it on corners before cleaning and sweep away together with garbage. This mineral absorbs in itself all negative.

12. Start cleaning in good mood. Undoubtedly, after it it will become easier for you, but then all bad can remain in the house. Also it is not recommended to allow to cleaning of the house of the unfamiliar person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team