How to remove oil stain

How to remove oil stain

For removal of oil stains and spots of fat use solvents without impurity. Check purity of solvent, having dripped it on paper towel. If the spot disappears completely, so solvent clean and it can be used on clothes. Before work always check action medicines on internal seam of product that fabric has not suffered. Process spot from the middle to edges.

It is required to you

  • Old oil stain
  • - gasoline or turpentine (1 part)
  • - technical alcohol (70 parts)
  • - ammonia solution (4 parts)
  • Old greasy spot on woolen fabric
  • - gasoline
  • - cotton tampon
  • - iron
  • - paper towel
  • Fresh oil stain
  • - iron
  • - white paper towel
  • - tooth-powder
  • Removal of spot soap solution.
  • - ammonia solution (1 h spoon)
  • - liquid detergent (1 h spoon)
  • - warm water (1/2 glasses)
  • - cotton tampon
  • - iron
  • - white rag
  • Removal of spot gasoline
  • - gasoline
  • - paper towel
  • - cotton tampon
  • Oil stain on silk fabric
  • - ammonia solution (1/2 tablespoons)
  • - glycerin (1 tablespoon)
  • - water (1 tablespoon)
  • Spot from vegetable oil.
  • - kerosene
  • - clean rag
  • Spot from cod-liver oil
  • - water (1/3 glasses)
  • - vinegar (1 tablespoon)
  • - cotton tampon


1. Old oil stain. Prepare mix from gasoline, the denatured alcohol and sal ammoniac. Wet fabric water around spot. Moisten clean white rag in mix and wipe spot. If the spot does not depart, then put on it the wetted rag for 10 minutes, and then again rub.

2. Old greasy spot on woolen fabric. Wet cotton tampon gasoline. Moisten old spot. In 5 minutes impose the folded paper towel on spot and iron fabric. Wash thing in warm soapsuds.

3. Fresh oil stain. Put paper towel on ironing board. Lay the polluted fabric on it, from above cover with one more layer of blotting towel. Iron the hot iron. If the spot still is visible, then strew it with tooth-powder and leave for 3 hours. Shake powder and again iron fabric through paper

4. Removal of spot soap solution. Mix in glass with warm water sal ammoniac and cleaning agent. Put the soiled fabric on firm surface, wet cotton tampon in solution and wipe spot. Then put white rag on spot and iron well warmed iron.

5. Removal of spot gasoline. On firm surface put the paper towel folded several times. On it place fabric with spot, inner side up. Moisten tampon in gasoline and wipe spot.

6. Oil stain on silk fabric. Put silk fabric in wide bowl or small basin so that the place with spot was at the bottom of capacity. In glass mix ammonia solution, glycerin and water. Fill in with this solution spot and take 10 minutes. Then wash fabric in warm water.

7. Spot from vegetable oil. If you have dripped vegetable oil on fabric from cotton, wool or silk, then wet white rag in kerosene and wipe spot. Then wash thing in warm soapsuds.

8. Spot from cod-liver oil. Mix water with vinegar. Moisten cotton tampon in liquid and wipe fabric.

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