How to remove old sealant

How to remove old sealant

During repair work, sealant is simply irreplaceable. With its help it is possible to close up slots and seams easily. To all other sealant has high strength of coupling with surface. Therefore in need of it it is difficult to clean.

It is required to you

  • Stationery knife, the palette, solvent, special means for removal of sealant, vinegar.


1. Remove old sealant with sharp object, for example edge of stationery knife or stopping knife. Accurately cut off the acting part of isolation. Be attentive inadvertently not to damage the cleaned surface. In case sealant does not manage to be cleaned off thus, try other way.

2. For removal of sealant you can use solvents. Apply means on the site which needs to be cleaned, and wait 15-20 minutes. When sealant gains kashitsoobrazny consistence, wipe surface with the foam sponge moistened in warm soap solution. After similar processing from sealant there will be no trace left also.

3. Buy the special dissolving liquid in hardware or household shop. The substances which are part of this means effectively remove silicone sealant. Moisten rag in the dissolving liquid and carefully blot the spoiled sites. Leave for some time. Then remove residues of sealant with damp rag. It is not recommended to use this means on plastic surfaces. Before application attentively study the instruction or consult with the seller.

4. For cleaning of tile from old sealant use vinegar. For a start remove silicone with the palette or other sharp object. Act extremely accurately, otherwise on surface of tile scratches and chips can be formed. Then carefully wipe the polluted sites with the rag, the wetted in vinegar. When sealant completely is purified, wash tile damp foam sponge.

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