How to remove old spots

How to remove old spots

Kind of accurately we handled carpets and furniture how we cared for things, it is possible to avoid emergence of spots not always. Accidentally spilled coffee, suddenly begun to flow ball pen, the dropped chewing gum. All this strongly spoils type of our favourite chairs, carpets and sofas. However there are ways to help this trouble.


1. It is good if the spot managed to be noticed at once and to take emergency measures. It is much more difficult to clean off old pollution, however and there is nothing impossible.

2. It is possible to resort to services of professionals and to entrust cleaning of your furniture and carpets to specialized firms. However such services cost expensive. It is possible to try to get rid of old spots independently.

3. For a start it is worth trying the means prepared by you (one of described below) on small piece of carpet or upholstery, having chosen the least noticeable place. Only if paints have not grown dull and there were no other defects, can start fight against spots.

4. The spot formed by chewing gum can be removed by means of ice. The ice cube is put to the soiled place, chewing gum freezes and loses the viscosity and stickiness. Now it can be cleaned off accurately. Process is quite long, however very effective. After removal of spot from chewing gum the place where it was, needs to be wiped with solution of citric acid.

5. On carpet or upholstered furniture ordinary alcohol will help to remove ink spots. The only minus – both the carpet, and upholstery of upholstered furniture perfectly absorb smells, and your house will smell sweet as alcohol for a long time. It can be avoided if after removal of spot to wipe this place with liquid detergent.

6. Spots from coffee or tea are successfully removed by means of glycerin solution. Try to prepare solution (tablespoon approximately on liter of cold water), to wet in it sponge and to wipe spot on upholstery or carpet.

7. The old spot from ice cream can be removed, having wiped spot with gasoline, and then – ammonia solution.

8. Greasy spots are removed by means of such means as acetone, gasoline, alcohol. It is necessary to mix gasoline with starch or talc to condition of liquid gruel and to impose on spot thin layer. When gruel dries up a little and will absorb fat, spot accurately to clean off.

9. It is the best of all to remove old spots from beer, having mixed glycerin and ammonia solution in equal shares.

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