How to remove old trees

How to remove old trees

To root out old, dried up or just out of place the growing tree on the site, not so just as it seems. It is especially heavy to root out high trees and big stubs. It is possible to dump tree entirely, having cut with it roots. However it does not suit for the improved sites, especially if there is probability to break fence or the necessary plantings. Other option is to stock up with patience, the necessary tool and on piece to sort unnecessary tree.

It is required to you

  • Shovel, winch, axe, saw, scrap, rope, step-ladder, working gloves or mittens.


1. Substitute step-ladder to tree. Begin to saw side branches from tree top. Carry away all cut-off branches from trunk that they did not prevent to go. They can be let on bath brooms or on fire for ashes. In economy all is useful.

2. During the work on cleaning of unnecessary tree surely take the assistant. Alone will be to cope more difficult and longer. Tie trunk with rope. Beginning from above, saw off on small piece. The assistant can tighten rope tree in the necessary party at this time. Then you will be sure that you will not break fence or nearby the growing necessary landings.

3. Do not cut tree to the earth, leave high stub. The tree is more senior and is thicker, the higher leave stub. Dig round groove around trunk and chop roots on perimeter. If there is opportunity, pull out the remained stub the winch. If to hook not for as there is no place to be unrolled, the high stub needs to be shaken. When rocking, roots are well bared.

4. If the area is cleared away for kitchen garden, it is necessary to dig over all perimeter on krone of the former tree. Roots of trees extend to such distance. If not to dig over, roots will rot through in one or two years.

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