How to remove paint from fabric

How to remove paint from fabric

When carrying out repair and finishing work quite often it is necessary to face spots from paint on clothes. You should not be upset concerning the spoiled fabric at once, it is possible to try to remove spots independently. The main thing is to take measures as soon as possible, without having allowed paint to dry.

It is required to you

  • Turpentine, acetone, alcohol, sharp knife, cotton wool, laundry detergent


1. If from the moment of emergence of spot from paint there have passed no more than three hours, try to wash product normal laundry soap or laundry detergent. Very often such surgery helps to remove spot completely. The quicker you will begin to delete spot, the it is more than chances of success.

2. Unlike gouache and water-based paints, removal of oil paint not simple business. Apply on tampon or normal cotton wool a little turpentine, acetone or alcohol. Accurately wipe paint spot on fabric, deleting surplus. It is necessary to wipe from edge of spot to the center. Consider only that it is impossible to delete with acetone spots on products from skin, and the ammonia solution changes color of some products.

3. Use for removal of spots from oil paint also purified gasoline which can be bought in household shop. It is simple to use it – to apply on cotton tampon enough about to wipe spot. Be attentive – the normal gasoline used as fuel for the car in this case will not approach. It can remove the main pollution, but will add to it new spots which cannot almost be removed.

4. Especially carefully treat cleaning of spots of products from cashmere or wool. If on such woven products the spot from oil paint has appeared, gasoline or acetone will not help you. Apply on spot of a little sunflower oil, and remove surplus of paint from fabric with cotton or gauze tampon.

5. In the beginning carefully process old spots of paint on fabric sharp knife or edge of the razor not to damage product. Then moisten the polluted site with alcohol, acetone and process cotton tampon. Most likely this procedure should be repeated several times before full removal of traces of paint. After such processing prepare strong solution of soda and wipe the place where there was spot. In conclusion the product from fabric needs to be washed with laundry detergent.

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