How to remove paste from paper

How to remove paste from paper

There are cases when the spot from paste has sat down on paper with important information. Panic is inappropriate here especially as there is set of ways how to cope with such problem. Prepare the ground matches with the reeled-up cotton wool pieces instead of brush. Moisten the next brush with your solution, and then you circle spot on contours, moving to the center. Reel up about ten matches because cotton wool is quickly soiled. Prepare solution.

It is required to you

  • vinegar, hydroperit, premanganat potassium, curdled milk


1. Mix glycerin and ethyl alcohol in identical proportions. This mix process spot. If the spot from paste is fresher, then it will easily be removed by warm pair milk, it is possible curdled milk.

2. Heat the distilled water of 50 mg to temperature of 25-30 Pages. Add potassium permanganate in the small portions, finish, stirring slowly, before full dissolution. It is important to make solution extremely saturated. You watch closely: as soon as the next portion of potassium permanganate is not dissolved, so you have achieved result. Now pour in 50 ml of acetic acid of ice temperature. The efficiency of this structure disappears in only a few minutes therefore it is necessary to train it before the use. You will do by this structure primary treatment of spot.

3. Finish with the second solution removal of spot. To prepare this means, take 100 ml of the distilled water of the same temperature that for the first time, add couple of tablets of the hydroperit there.

4. Apply accurately the first structure on spot. Do not pound! Several seconds later repeat processing. Now take the second means and decolour spot. Not to pound!

5. The following solution will allow to remove even stamp. Gather teaspoon of 70% of acetic acid, add on potassium permanganate knife tip, bring to full dissolution.

6. Now put under leaf with spot the additional sheet of white paper. Dip soft brush into solution and you drive it on spot until it disappears. The place of spot will gain brown color. Decolour the processed place hydrogen peroxide.

7. Iron the iron of minimum temperature. Previously spread soft rag under bottom, on it put clean sheet of paper, and from above your spot. You watch that the surface of the iron was absolutely clean. If you doubt, then iron through piece of fine white fabric.

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