How to remove PVA glue

How to remove PVA glue

Small children and school students can unintentionally soil clothes and home decoration PVA glue. He can easily be brought as it is water-soluble. If normal soaking does not help with warm water, then take national advice.

It is required to you

  • - warm water;
  • - vinegar;
  • - ammonia solution;
  • - the purified gasoline.


1. Moisten fresh spot from PVA glue with tepy water and accurately rub brush. Then wash fabric and propoloskayta in flowing water.

2. Old spots from clothes are effectively removed by means of vinegar. Wipe with cotton tampon, the wetted in liquid. Glue has to depart thin white film. Wash in warm soap solution. Use such method with care on artificial and color fabrics. At first try means on the imperceptible site of product, only then start the main cleaning.

3. To remove PVA glue from clothes or upholstery of furniture, take any available solvent. Apply it by means of cotton tampon on fabric and accurately rub. After a while blot spot with the sponge, the wetted in water.

4. Spots from glass can be removed from PVA glue with the purified gasoline which can be bought in household shop, or any solvent. Moisten foam sponge or cotton tampon in liquid and process surface. Then wipe with clean damp rag. Polish glass to get rid of stains. Instead of gasoline you can use ammonia solution.

5. Old spots from glue can be removed in several ways. - Heat the iron and direct vapor jet to sites of pollution. After a while glue will be softened and you easily remove it with damp sponge. - Wet clean rag in warm water. Without wringing out, put on spots. If from the first it was not succeeded to soften glue, repeat the procedure several times.

6. From wooden and plastic surfaces the dried-up PVA glue can be removed in the mechanical way. Accurately hook it the palette for edge and clean off.

7. Freezing helps not only at a distance chewing gum from clothes, but also spots from PVA glue. Put product in the freezing chamber for 10-15 minutes. Then get and remove glue. Wash product in warm soap solution and carefully propoloskayta.

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