How to remove rust

How to remove rust

In interaction of metal surfaces with moisture on them rust is formed over time. Most often the nickelized cranes and the chromeplated surfaces are exposed to such influence. Plumbing, street furniture, cars, garden stock suffers from rust. It is necessary to delete rust in process of emergence not to allow to extend to metal corrosion process.


1. For fight against rust it is possible to choose means in specialized shops. Today rather wide range of effective remedies for derusting is offered. The abrasive substances splitting molecules of rust of acid and washing additives are part of such medicines.

2. There is large number of national recipes on removal of spots of rust. Good rust-removing agent from the surface of plumbing in house conditions is the warmed-up vinegar to which the pinch of cooking soda is added. Carefully process rusty spots such mix then wipe surface with dry pure fabric.

3. Try to grease also rust spot with fat, leave for week then erase fat and rust the rag, the wetted in sal ammoniac.

4. The rust spots which have appeared on enamel or faience can be deleted with hydrogen peroxide mix with ammonia solution in proportion 1 to 10.

5. For cleaning of bathtubs, sinks, cranes and latches use soda solution. Part two tablespoons of soda in liter of hot water, process surfaces and rinse clear water.

6. For prevention of emergence of rust on the chromeplated surface try to use the following method: process surface refined cod-liver oil and leave to dry out for two weeks. Then repeat the procedure and in 2 weeks wipe the processed surface with gasoline. Such way for a long time will prevent rust formation on the processed surface.

7. It is possible to remove rust spots from clothes lemon juice. Wrap lemon segment in gauze piece, apply to spot and prizhgita the hot iron. If you use this method for purification of white fabric, then previously put the processed site hydrogen peroxide.

8. There is also other method of removal of spots of rust from clothes - part 2 tablespoons of the warmed-up vinegar in glass of water, place fabric with spot in solution, wait a little, and then rinse in weak solution of ammonia solution.

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