How to remove rust from edge

How to remove rust from edge

Because of the wrong storage and leaving on knife blade rust can be formed. It is quite difficult to get rid of it, but after all it is possible. Try to clean edge by means of make-shifts.

It is required to you

  • Vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, potatoes, flour, table salt, tomato sauce, special rust-removing agent.


1. Mix lemon juice and vinegar in equal proportions. Apply the received solution on the site of edge spoiled by rust. Leave at several o'clock. Then clean surface metal brush. Wipe edge at first with damp rag, and then - dry.

2. Stir baking soda with lemon juice so that soft paste has turned out. Apply weight on the polluted place by means of foam sponge. Wait 30-40 minutes and rub with circular motions. Periodically wash away means from metal to estimate result. When rust completely disappears, rinse edge with flowing water and dry towel.

3. Peel average tuber of potatoes and cut in half. Powder cut with table salt and vigorously rub the polluted place. If from the first it was not succeeded to remove rust, repeat actions at first. Also you can apply the salted potatoes to edge for 15-20 minutes. This vegetable contains oxalic acid which well copes with small spots from rust.

4. Apply on spot from rust small amount of tomato sauce or ketchup. Leave for several minutes. After this time wash edge in clear water and dry wipe the towel which is well absorbing moisture.

5. Mix 100 ml of vinegar with 1 tablespoon of table salt. Then add flour so that the mass of stiff consistency has turned out. Apply mix on knife blade and leave for 30 minutes. Later this time rinse metal with cool flowing water and carefully dry paper towel. If from the first it was not succeeded to achieve due result, repeat the procedure once again.

6. Use special rust-removing agent. In shops of household goods the wide choice of these medicines is provided. Before starting direct cleaning, attentively read the instruction or consult the seller.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team