How to remove rust from white

How to remove rust from white

It is possible to remove rusty spots from white clothes by means of dry cleaning. However there is row and house means which successfully will help to remove rust from white even if similar spots have appeared long ago.

It is required to you

  • Lemon, lemon juice, gauze, baking soda, vinegar, iron, toothpaste, 2% solution of hydrochloric acid, ammonia solution, laundry detergent, fabric softener.


1. Not to remove rusty spots from white clothes with one laundry detergent. Stronger auxiliary cleaning substances will surely be necessary. For example, toothpaste. Apply on toothbrush white toothpaste with the bleaching effect. Rub rusty spot paste, let's it be absorbed in fabric, then wash thing with laundry detergent in warm water. By means of toothpaste it is possible to purify even the most gentle and sensitive fabrics to influences of chemicals.

2. Squeeze out juice of lemon. Moisten in it cotton tampon and wipe fabric. If thus the spot still is not removed, smooth the hot iron the place with spot moistened with lemon juice. Upon termination of process wash thing, as usual.

3. Wrap lemon pulp piece without peel in gauze layer. Apply gauze with lemon to rusty spot and from above put the hot iron for several seconds. Then place thing in the automatic washing machine and wash in the mode corresponding to this fabric of clothes.

4. Mix one part of vinegar with the same amount of lemon juice. Apply mix on rust spots. Sustain 15 minutes. Accurately rub dry brush this place. Wash thing in warm or cool water with soap substance.

5. Make liquid gruel of baking soda and water. Apply it on rusty spots on clothes. Let mix remain on fabric within 20 minutes. Wash away soda from fabric cool water, wash thing with children's soap or the bleaching laundry detergent.

6. Buy hydrochloric acid - 2% solution. Pour solution in basin, lower in it white thing with rusty spots on it. You keep fabric in solution until spots are dissolved from influence of acid and will disappear. Then pour in basin with clear water 3 tablespoons of ammonia solution. Lower in it the fabric processed by hydrochloric acid, carefully rinse. If desired after this procedure the thing can be washed with powder and fabric softener in the automatic machine machine.

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