How to remove salt from boots

How to remove salt from boots

Residents of the cities face the same problem in the winter: once you walk down the street, on footwear there are white stains, and over time on their places skin becomes thinner and bursts. The reason for everything – road salt which is designed to save cloth of highways from formation of ice crust.

It is required to you

  • - water and ammonia solution,
  • - semolina,
  • - potatoes,
  • - tooth-powder.


1. Before starting fight against stains, understand that at salt the difficult chemical composition, generally is sulfate-carbonate and calcium-magnesium mixes, that is those substances which stiffen water and form limy raid on plumbingof in bathtub familiar to all. And therefore it is necessary to affect them with complex of substances. 

2. Begin with simple. Wash (if material allows)  footwear warm soapsuds and wipe dry. You dry only at the room temperature and far from heating radiators. 

3. If white stains have appeared on suede boots, then prepare ammonia solution solution with water, wipe with sponge whitish traces, and then clean boots semolina. Grain will absorb in itself salt. 

4.  It is possible to remove old spots from light footwear with wet brush and soap solution. But then it is necessary to dry boots long. Affected places can be cleaned also tooth-powder. 

5. Use crude potato. Cut it in half and wipe the salted sites. Let's footwear dry and then wipe with normal brush for suede or soft fleecy fabric.

6. But the best way of protection of footwear against salt raids is prevention. After acquisition process boots or boots special spray, try to apply it very carefully on all surface of footwear. Then dry boots or boots at the room temperature, but not on the battery. 

7. For the night by means of brush impose solid cream on footwear, and pound only it in the morning. As a result there will be good protective film. After walk the leather boots processed in such a way can just be washed with water. The raid will well be washed away. When choosing cream give preference to firm means. Liquid it is better to use in warm season. Process suede boots special impregnating substances, but try not to wear such boots during wet weather.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team