How to remove scratch on table-top

How to remove scratch on table-top

If on table-top there were scratches, do not hurry to buy new. Small surface damages can be eliminated independently, without spending considerable funds.

It is required to you

  • - Dense fabric;
  • - Goi paste;
  • - Epoxy glue;
  • - Thermohair dryer;
  • - Silicone aerosol.


1. If at surface of table-top there are superficial scratches, the Goi paste made on the basis of chrome oxide will help to get rid of them. At first carefully wash up table-top and wipe dry. It is necessary to wash table-top from pollution before any way of elimination of scratches! Apply small amount of paste on piece of dense woolen fabric and rub place of failure. Rub paste within 15 minutes. After that the table-top will take original state again.

2. Deep scratches on table-top will demand more careful processing. It is recommended to use epoksidka or any glue intended for joining of surface of table-top. Previously glue is mixed with paint, trying to obtain as much as possible exact shade matching the color of furniture. Apply glue on scratch and wait so far it will dry out. Only after that start floating by means of rigid matter. It is possible to use felt.

3. The damages which have appeared on plastic table-top often correct by means of the thermohair dryer. The surface is warmed and polished with felt. Before trying to remove scratches on table-top heating, it is desirable to practise on old plastic objects "to get the hand".

4. One more way how to remove scratches on table-top, use silicone aerosols, the front panel of cars intended for polish. Aerozolyyu process all surface, seeking to make covering uniform.

5. Even if the scratch on table-top after attempts of elimination continues to be evident, it is possible to make shortcoming feature of design. Apply several scratches on surface, giving them structure of specially executed drawing. After that varnish surface and give a high polish. Thus, it is possible to create true piece of art.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team